NET or Neuro-Emotional Technique was developed by a chiropractor Scott Walker, who was finding that his clients often suffered chronic illness and pain due to unaddressed psychological and emotional stress. Through his study of western psychology, eastern medicine (acupuncture) and applied kinesiology; he developed NET. 

Scott Walker found that when we experience a stressful or traumatic event that does not work its way through and out of our system (psychological or physiological) we develop what he calls an NEC or Neuro-Emotional Complex. Lets say that you had a teacher in 2nd grade with a bad temper who always made you feel stupid. Part of you in 2nd grade would believe him, you would be vulnerable to his perception of you. Since you did not tell anyone and had to live day after day in his classroom it would develop into an NEC. We store this stress in our nervous system and it becomes a complex, “don’t go to school because your will feel shame” or “don’t speak up in public because you will be humiliated”. When you end up in a job that requires you to give a presentation you might end up having panic attacks or insomnia because the NEC  from 2nd grade is activated. This is unnecessary stress and can be released using Neuro-Emotional Technique. 

NET uses Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and the meridian system from Chinese medicine to access the bodies innate wisdom and movement toward healing and wholeness. The meridian system in Chinese medicine although ancient is widely used in medical hospitals throughout the country and the world. The intelligence in Chinese medicine is that it never forgot about the mind-body connection. They do not separate the mind from the body. Every organ and system in Chinese medicine is considered to be a physical representation of emotional, energetic and spiritual patterns and principles. 

Once the NEC has been located and NET is performed clients often notice immediate relief of physical and psychological symptoms. Often we will support the further release of the NEC with homeopathic and nutritional supplementation.

Below is a video that goes over the theory and process of NET.