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  • Are you thinking of leaving your relationship?
  • Do you find yourself feeling unsatisfied with your partner and your connection?
  • Do you and your partner frequently cycle between extreme passion and extreme conflict?
  • Are you a high conflict couple?
  • Are you unhappy with how you and your partner handle finances?
  • Do you fight with your partner about your parenting styles?

These are just a few of the situations that I can help you with!

As a certified couples counselor in Portland OR, I can help you learn how to communicate without ending up feeling invalidated, triggered, frustrated or hopeless.

Pre-Marital (pre-moving in together)

As a Premarital Counselor in Portland Oregon, I know how to help you walk into marriage with the right tools to handle frustrations, keep romance alive and build the life you want.

Like me, you may have witnessed your parents or friend’s parents get divorced or go through several divorces. I know how important it is for young couples to feel safe and secure as they make the big decision of marriage.

I know that you will want to divorce-proof your relationship. I facilitate couples through a process that helps them enter into marriage with a greater capacity for love, commitment, validation and empathy towards their each other.
Validation and empathy may sound like lofty goals, but they are learned behaviors that will help deepen your connection.

Some basic things I want you to understand when you are on the road to lifelong commitment:

  • Marriage is a process, it is not just the wedding and saying “I do”. IT IS MAKING THE DECISION TO LOVE YOUR PARTNER EACH NEW DAY.
  • Commitment brings more rewards than sacrifices.
  • The time and effort you dedicate to the relationship and your partner is equal to the satisfaction and security you will feel.
  • Couples Counseling is incredibly valuable especially if it is in the beginning of a marriage and not 20 yrs down the line.
  • When asked on their deathbed what was the most important part of their lives, people talk about their relationships, not wealth, fame or success.
  • Communication is something you need to learn how to do consciously.

Same-Sex Couples

I have years of experience doing couples counseling with same sex couples and individuals who identify as queer. If you would like a counselor in Portland Oregon who provides a safe space for LGBTII couples and who recognizes the unique struggles of your relationship then I am the right couples counselor for you.

Couples with Children

I am a certified couples counselor in Portland ,Oregon, who works with parents on the verge of breakdown or break-up. If you are like me then having small children and being married means divorce is an absolute last resort. I can help you to make your marriage divorce proof by teaching you the skills and giving you the tools to navigate the complex challenges of being a couple with children.

I also specialize working with new parents in Portland, OR to help educate and counsel them through the surprising trials of parenthood. Parenthood is a lot for you to integrate into your lives. Some couples become parents before they have had time to enjoy their marriage which puts a strain on both the relationship and parenting. I help new parents maneuver the trials of parenting, staying connected and keeping the romance alive.

If you are new to or experienced in parenthood and can relate to any of the below please contact me for a free consultation.

  • You find yourself feeling disconnected from your partner.
  • You are fighting more and more and even fight around your children.
  • You are not having sex as much as you would like or having much physical intimacy.
  • You are arguing about money.
  • You are arguing about parenting styles.

New Parents

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Blended Families

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Group Sessions

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