Parenting and Couplehood

Couples with Children

I am a certified couples counselor in Portland ,Oregon, who works with parents on the verge of breakdown or break-up. If you are like me then having small children and being married means divorce is an absolute last resort. I can help you to make your marriage divorce proof by teaching you the skills and giving you the tools to navigate the complex challenges of being a couple with children.

I also specialize working with new parents in Portland, OR to help educate and counsel them through the surprising trials of parenthood. Parenthood is a lot for you to integrate into your lives. Some couples become parents before they have had time to enjoy their marriage which puts a strain on both the relationship and parenting. I help new parents maneuver the trials of parenting, staying connected and keeping the romance alive.

If you are new to or experienced in parenthood and can relate to any of the below please contact me for a free consultation.

  • You find yourself feeling disconnected from your partner.
  • You are fighting more and more and even fight around your children.
  • You are not having sex as much as you would like or having much physical intimacy.
  • You are arguing about money.
  • You are arguing about parenting styles.
  • You or your partner are suffering from Post-Partum Depression.