Offering a Half-day Premarital Workshop May 23rd 2015.



With Lucian Schloss, LPC,
May 23rd from 9am-1pm @taborspace. Belmont between SE 54th and 55th ave.

If you or someone you know is getting married this summer, this 1/2 day workshop I offer is a short, affordable way to get the full benefits of premarital counseling. 

Marriage is one of the most meaningful and challenging things you will ever do.

Marriage requires education, inner development and a capacity to communicate with vulnerability and compassion.

I remember the time leading up to my wedding as chaotic, disconnecting and stressful. It was all about the performance of the wedding and not about the profound and life changing commitment my wife and I were making to each other. I wish someone had given us the opportunity to connect, attune and focus on each other.

 This workshop will act as a “centering” for couples in the chaos, excitement and entryway to marriage and wedding planning stress! I will help you connect and communicate on a deep level, preparing you for the commitment of marriage.

Premarital counseling is proven to increase the strength and security of a marriage by at least 30%.

In this workshop your will:

Set your intentions and goals for marriage!

What are the spiritual and moral values you will strive for as human beings? What are the practical goals and intentions? This can be a great kickstarter for writing meaningful vows.

Learn about the three pillars of secure connection. 

Thanks to the research in social neuroscience we know more and more about the realities of love and attachment. These three pillars of secure connection can help build a secure bond for a lasting marriage.

Create Love Maps!

This is an essential skill in relationship. To understand how and what makes your partner cared for. According to research we need 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction. 

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Pre-Marital or pre-moving in together.

As a Premarital Counselor in Portland Oregon, I know how to help you walk into marriage with the right tools to handle frustrations, keep romance alive and build the life you want.

Like me, you may have witnessed your parents or friend’s parents get divorced or go through several divorces. I know how important it is for young couples to feel safe and secure as they make the big decision of marriage.

I know that you will want to divorce-proof your relationship. I facilitate couples through a process that helps them enter into marriage with a greater capacity for love, commitment, validation and empathy towards each other.
Validation and empathy may sound like lofty goals, but they are learned behaviors that will help deepen your connection.

Some basic things I want you to understand when you are on the road to lifelong commitment:

  • Marriage is a process, it is not just the wedding and saying “I do”. IT IS MAKING THE DECISION TO LOVE YOUR PARTNER EACH NEW DAY.
  • Commitment brings more rewards than sacrifice.
  • The time and effort you dedicate to the relationship and your partner is equal to the satisfaction and security you will feel.
  • Couples Counseling is incredibly valuable especially if it is in the beginning of a marriage and not 20 yrs down the line.
  • When asked on their deathbed what was the most important part of their lives, people talk about their relationships, not wealth, fame or success.
  • Communication is something you need to learn how to do consciously.